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Our product meets NSF
Standard 60 guidelines

Serving all United States
FL Corrosion Control serves all United States of America Florida Corrosion Control can prevent costly problems in your hotel such as pinhole leaks, corrosion, and scale buildup.

Questionnaire for water related problems

1. Do you have copper pinhole leaks?
2. Do you have low water pressure due to build-up in hot and cold water lines?
3. Do you have build-up in boilers and hot water heaters?
4. Do you get more leaks in hot water recirculation lines than other areas?
5. Has your gas or electric bill increased over the years due to low BTU transfer (firing harder) because of build-up in boilers and hot water heaters?
6. Do your shower heads clog up or get eaten away by corrosion?
7. Do ice machines require extra maintenance due to build-up & orifice plugging?
8. Do small orifices in toilet water lines clog up and/or cause hang-ups?
9. Do faucet seats corrode quickly and do handles build-up with hard corrosion?
10. Do you have fogging/spotting on glassware & silverware from dishwashers?
11. Is there "graying" of whites in your laundry?
12. Are you getting red water in the laundry; or when you shut water off and bring back on line from oxidation in water lines?
13. Do you have a problem closing valves off due to build-up in seats?
14. Is there green build-up on pipes in urinals and basins from copper leaching?
15. Do you have electrolysis from dissimilar pipes; galvanized, iron, brass, copper, connected together causing current flow, rivering and pin hole leaks?
16. What is your total cost per year* related to the above conditions at your location?
*Be sure to include parts, time, outside plumbers, painters, dry wall, tile work, carpets, faucets, shower heads, ice machines, dishwashers, boilers, hot water heaters, valves, commode valves, drains, copper pipe, clamps, and other items related to water problems. Don't forget the average loss of room revenue when out of service for repairs... you know your General Manager is keeping track!
Cost of Repairs
We have a single solution to all of the above problems that is cost effective and extends the life of your piping system indefinitely. We look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you might have developed from the above questionnaire.
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